What are "life-changing" doodles?

Life-Changing Doodles are wish-granting works of Art; They make things happen. To be precise, they can be classified as Sigils, which are charged images intended to manifest things. Essentially, they are wishes captured two-dimensionally.

How are these doodles wishes?

There are many elements to Life Changing Doodles, though the "backbone" of my main method of creation lies in manipulating the letters of a phrase or intention. The phrase is stripped of its vowels and repeated consonants, and the remaining letters become the image. For example:


This phrase is simplified by removing the vowels:


Then, by removing the repeated consonants:

And finally, the remaining letters are used to form a symbol. Whether the symbol is further simplified or exaggerated is up to the sigil magician, and dependent on how the sigil will be cast.